3D Module 4 Trade Management

Module 4: Trade Management

Video 1: 6:07

This video will walk you where to place your initial protective stop loss.

This will help keep you from getting stopped out prematurely as well as keeping risk small and manageable.

Video 2: 7:41

In this video you’ll learn a simple mechanical approach to quckly reduce your initial risk by 25% or more which results in a higher Risk to Reward Ration.

Video 3: 3:51

This video will show you how to use the Market Bottoms And Tops indicator to stay in your trades longer.

Video 4: 9:03

Learn how to use the Market Cycle Indicator to time your exits for maximum returns.

Video 5: 9:22

In this video you’ll learn a quick way to set profit targets that have a strong chance of succeeding.

Video 6: 7:16

In this video you’ll learn how to use the Smart Money Indicators and the Fractals as effective ways to lock pips.
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